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How to schedule a post

To get started scheduling a post you'll need to have at least one social profile connected. If you haven't connected any, connect one from the Social Sets page.

How to schedule a post

Go to your Pallyy dashboard and open the Calendar page
If creating a media post, make sure you have already uploaded an image/video to your media library
Create your post with one of the following methods:
a) drag a image or video from the left library to the calendar
b) click new and then choose a post type, or
c) hover a day and click the + button then choose a post type

Select the socials to post to, and choose a date & time

Add your captions, tags and additional details
Click schedule or save as draft if you are not ready for it to be published yet

FOR MOBILES: The process is exactly the same except that you will click the + button in the bottom right to start the process


Copy captions

When you are adding your captions you can save time by clicking the copy caption icon to copy your caption across too all the other platforms. Just look for the copy button at the bottom of each caption box.

Copy media

Just like captions, you can do the same with media. Just look for the button under your media that says copy media to all and it will copy it exactly as it is to the other platforms.

Shortcut keys

You can use the following shortcut keys to speed up the scheduling process:

CTRL + S Schedule the post and close the window
CTRL + D Save as draft and close the window
CTRL + ALT + S Schedule the post and open the next post
CTRL + ALT + D Save as draft and open the next post
] Minimize/maximize the window
ESC Close the window without saving

Preview posts

Click on the mobile icon in the bottom menu to open the preview section. You can see exactly how your posts will look once they're posted on each platform. It supports all post types!

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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