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How to duplicate a post to another Social Set

If you have a business or brand that has multiple locations, and post similar content across them all then this feature will help save you a lot of time. You can simply create one post then duplicate it to all of your other social sets for publishing.

If posting the same content across multiple profiles we suggest tweaking each post to avoid issues that can be caused from posting duplicate content.

How to duplicate a post to another Social Set

Go to your Pallyy dashboard and open the Calendar page
Open an existing post (or create one if you haven't already)
Choose a time for the new posts, or leave as it to use the same time

In the bottom menu, click the three dots (···) icon
Click duplicate post to social sets

Select the social sets to duplicate to and click duplicate

Your post will be copied into your other Social Sets as a draft, so once you're ready open those social sets and change the post from draft to scheduled.

You can only duplicate a post that has already been scheduled or saved as a draft. If it's not saved, the duplicate to social sets button will be greyed out.

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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